Energizing Indiana is a united effort by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, participating utilities, and consumer organizations to offer comprehensive energy efficiency programs that bring savings to communities across the state.

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Vectren also offers other energy saving programs. Vectren is committed to providing customers with avenues in which to Live Smart. Vectren’s Conservation Connection program encompasses various initiatives and resources to help customers use less energy and lower their bills. There are four key resources for customers:

1. Rebates & Programs

Vectren offers incentives for customers who install high-efficiency appliances and products versus standard models. Vectren also offers rebates for commercial business and new home construction.

    • Appliance and Product Rebates for Homeowners: Incentives for homeowners with Vectren electric service include cash rebates on energy efficient electric central air conditioners, electric heat pumps, and electronically commutated motors. Vectren natural gas homeowners can earn cash rebates on numerous high-efficiency natural gas products such as residential furnaces, boilers, storage, tankless and thermal efficiency water heaters and programmable thermostats. Learn More
    • Appliance Recycling: Vectren residential customers with electric service can save money and clear clutter with Vectren’s Conservation Connection Appliance Recycling Program. Vectren will haul away and responsibly recycle an extra fridge, freezer or window A/C unit – completely free of charge. Customers even earn $30 for each qualifying appliance. Learn More
    • Summer Cycler: The Summer Cycler program is a voluntary energy management program available to customers with Vectren electric service that briefly cycles select appliances in your home during periods of peak electricity demand. Participants can earn bill credits up to $28 per cooling season from June to September. Learn More
    • New Home Construction Incentives: Indiana builders can earn cash rebates and other incentives toward the construction of ENERGY STAR® homes within Vectren’s service area. Learn More
    • Commercial New Construction Incentives: Business owners planning new facilities with Vectren electric service can take advantage of incentives for the construction of new, energy efficient buildings that exceed current energy code. Learn More
    • Appliance and Product Rebates for Businesses: Businesses with Vectren natural gas service can earn cash rebates on a variety of high efficiency natural gas appliances and products including commercial boilers, furnaces, tankless, storage and thermal efficiency water heaters, low-flow pre-rinse sprayers and programmable thermostats. Additionally, rebates are also available for energy-saving measures like boiler tune-ups, retrofits and control resets. Learn More
    • Business Custom Program: The Business Custom Program is designed to help Vectren business customers make smart, energy efficient decisions that reduce energy consumption and operating costs. It offers incentives of up to $25,000 for qualified natural gas projects and/or up to $100,000 for qualified electric projects. Services include third-party technical and financial assistance for qualifying equipment not covered under the prescriptive rebate program. Learn More

2. Online energy audit and bill analysis tools

These tools are accessible online at and help customers understand how their homes and businesses use energy.

3. Conservation Connection contact center

Vectren has a trained group of Conservation Center representatives devoted to helping customers lower their energy consumption through conservation efforts.

4. Energy efficiency tips and how-to videos and its companion site,, house hundreds of free, low-cost energy efficiency tips as well as dozens of how-to videos.

By encouraging customers to conserve energy and use it efficiently, we can work together to avoid the need for additional power generation in the future.