School Programs

Connecting with Students

Through the Education Program, Energizing Indiana and your local utility provider connect with students in 5th and 6th grade to help them learn about energy efficiency and how they can make an impact at their school and home.

Fifth and sixth grade students at participating schools receive classroom curriculum education  and Energizing Indiana take-home efficiency kits filled with energy saving devices designed to open students’ and their parents’ eyes to the energy-saving potential of simple, easy-to-implement conservation practices. It’s a fun and informative program that encourages students and their families to better manage their energy use and make good decisions about the products they buy every day.

All the materials are curriculum-based and carry lifelong lessons that students will use as they become energy consumers. Contact us today at 1.800.722.2231 to learn how your school can energize Indiana!

Connecting with Schools

The School Building Assessment Program helps administrators and building managers discover energy savings in their classrooms and schools.

As our schools age, energy costs rise and efficiency drops. Energizing Indiana Energy Advisors conduct thorough building energy efficiency assessments, providing detailed reports to school officials on the benefits of energy efficiency and the savings associated with operational improvements. Many schools may also be eligible for rebates under the Commercial & Industrial Rebate program to implement improvements in their facilities.

Energy Advisors assess the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems of the school to determine if they are operating efficiently. In addition, we may inspect air duct sealing, insulation levels and more to evaluate a facility’s energy consumption and heating and cooling efficiency.

Each participating school receives a complete report to enable near- and long-term energy planning, and advisors will help staff understand rebates that may be available to them for facility improvements. Contact Energizing Indiana at 1.888.446.7750 today to see if your school qualifies for participation!