Who We Are

Energizing Indiana is a united effort by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, participating utilities, and consumer organizations to offer comprehensive energy efficiency programs that bring savings to communities across the state. With programs for homes, schools, businesses and commercial facilities, Energizing Indiana provides the education and tools you need to improve efficiency and conserve energy.

Whether you’ve already taken steps to lower your energy costs or are just getting started, we can help. Energizing Indiana gives each resident the avenues to find the best and most convenient path to lead you to the right decision for your family, your business and your community.

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What We Do

Energizing Indiana saves energy and strengthens the economy. We give you direct access to the technical experts and money-saving actions that help you use energy wisely and make your home, school or business more comfortable.

As an innovative, multi-utility energy efficiency initiative, Energizing Indiana has the potential to reach more than 2 million Indiana homes and thousands of businesses. In just the first few years of the initiative, we can save enough energy to power more than 100,000 homes for 12 months!

These energy savings will put money back in the pockets of hard-working Hoosiers, while creating jobs and improving the economy and environment for all Indiana residents.

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Program Partners

The Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor (OUCC) represents Indiana consumer interests before state and federal bodies that regulate utilities. As a state agency, the OUCC’s mission is to represent all Indiana consumers to ensure quality, reliable utility services at the most reasonable prices possible through dedicated advocacy, consumer education, and creative problem solving. To learn more, visit www.IN.gov/OUCC.

Citizens Action Coalition is a 501(c)4 not-for-profit organization that was founded in 1974 by a group of organizations, churches, labor unions and senior groups, to name a few, who saw the need for a grassroots organization dedicated to protecting consumers during the energy crisis. Since that time, CAC has expanded to a statewide organization with about 40,000 members. CAC is dedicated to protecting ratepayers and advocating for affordable healthcare and a clean environment. To learn more, visit www.citact.org.