Duke Energy

Energizing Indiana is a united effort by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, participating utilities, and consumer organizations to offer comprehensive energy efficiency programs that bring savings to communities across the state.

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Duke Energy also offers a variety of programs, incentives and tools that can help you save energy and money by becoming more energy efficient.

  • Power Manager provides bill credits for allowing your central air conditioner or heat pump to be cycled on and off during peak load times in the summer. You can earn money and reduce the peak load which helps the environment. Learn More
  • PowerShare® rewards commercial and industrial customers for adjusting energy consumption levels during peak time periods. With two options from which to choose, Indiana businesses have the flexibility to select the program that best suits their company’s operations. Learn More
  • Smart $aver® offers cash incentives for installing high efficiency heat pumps, air conditioners and geothermal systems in your home. Save money for years to come by installing a qualified system that is purchased from participating dealers and builders. Learn More
  • The nonresidential Smart $aver® Incentive program helps businesses to reduce their energy costs and improve productivity by providing cash incentives for the installation of qualifying high-efficiency equipment. Learn More
  • Discover easy ways to lower your electric bill.  Duke Energy has a variety of online resources and tips that allow you to start saving right away. Learn More
  • Take your energy savings potential to the next level with home improvement ideas that improve comfort and reduce your energy bills. Learn More
  • Estimate your energy savings potential by using a unique calculator for each type of energy saving opportunity. The calculators allow you to evaluate savings potential for decisions like changing the thermostat, replacing your heating system or buying a new appliance. Learn More
  • Get answers to your energy questions by reviewing Duke Energy’s Q&A information. Learn More