8 Energy saving Tips

8 Tips for Saving Energy at Home

Whatever the season is, the energy consumption that we consume in our homes does not stop. When it is not heating; it is the cooling system, different appliances or special occasions in which we fill the house with people. It is why in this article, we bring you some tips for saving energy at home that are useful for any time of the year.

Use energy-saving light bulbs

Low-energy bulbs use up to 80% less, last eight times longer and reduce heat generation by a quarter compared to incandescent lamps. With these benefits, it is worth investing in them even though their price is higher than the traditional ones, in the long run, you will be rewarded with energy savings.

Choose appliances class A or higher

When buying an appliance, we must consider, apart from its aesthetics, brand or style, its energy efficiency. A class A appliance consumes 70% less energy than a class G appliance.

Every degree of heating counts

Heating and the production of hot water account for around 60% of the energy consumed in a home. Therefore, we have to be aware that for every degree that we increase the temperature unnecessarily, increases energy consumption between 7% and 10%. The recommended temperature in the home in winter is between 21 º C and 23 º C, except in the bedrooms, which ranges between 19 º C and 21 º C.

Heating counts

In refrigeration, each degree also counts. In summer the recommended temperature is 25ºC inside the homes. For all these reasons, it is not energy sustainable to be at home in the middle of August with a jacket or in December with short sleeves.

Improve the insulation of the house

Another critical point and one that often goes unnoticed when we talk about energy saving is insulation. By weather-stripping doors and windows, we can prevent heat loss in winter and cold loss in summer.

In this way, we will make our home more comfortable. When there is no good thermal insulation, the demand for energy is higher and, therefore, so is the cost.

Do not cover radiators

This point is not usually paid attention to, but one should avoid putting objects in front of radiators such as furniture or radiator covers. Through this, the heat will be distributed much better throughout the room, increasing comfort and avoiding the loss of energy that would occur if we put obstacles obstructing it.

Ventilate 10 minutes

In both winter and summer, it is advisable to renew the air in the house once a day. Ten minutes is enough time to allow it to circulate and restore without escaping too much heat in winter and cool in summer. It is always recommended to do it first thing in the morning.

Betting on the dishwasher and the washing machine

Using the dishwasher means up to 40% less water and 10% less energy than washing dishes by hand. However, as with the washing machine, it is vital to ensure that they are always full, to save as much energy as possible.

Dishwashers saves up to 40% less water

Saving energy also in the community of neighbors

The energy saving is not limited to the home, but exceeds its doors and reaching the community as a whole. Using an energy efficient company can mean a significant reduction in energy costs as well as an increase in comfort in the standard services of a community of neighbors.

All these tips for saving energy are small changes in our daily lives that will translate into significant benefits for the environment and our home economy.

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