Tips to save energy at work

9 Small Gestures to Save Energy at Work

Depending on the position you hold in your workplace, there are many ways to get involved - and also engage your team or colleagues - in conserving energy and our environment. Do not forget to take responsibility and help to make the world a healthier, more beautiful and lasting place. In your workplace, observe and follow the following guidelines:

  1. Take advantage of natural light: If you work at home or in a tiny office, you can probably orient your desk in such a way as to make better use of sunlight. Take advantage of this natural resource and don’t turn on unnecessary lights.
  2. Turn it off, do not let it rest: computers, televisions, copiers, printers or any other equipment that depends on electricity continues to consume energy even when not in use. Making it a habit of turning off equipment at the end of the day - and especially before the end of the week - will go a long way towards reducing energy consumption. Propose deactivating the electrical board during long periods of recess.
  3. Rooms or corridors that are not in use: make it a habit to always turn off lights, heating or cooling in spaces that are used sporadically and remain on for a long time without being used.
  4. Control the temperature of the heating and air conditioning: 25 º or 26 º C in summer and 20 º or 21 º C in winter are appropriate measures to work in comfort conditions without wasting energy. Do not leave the air conditioners on in unoccupied rooms.
  5. Computers: During the workday, set the energy saving parameters in your preference panel so that the computer automatically goes into sleep or hibernation mode whenever you take a break, take a break or go to lunch.
  6. Printers: Use recycled sheets and double-sided printing to avoid wasting paper. Print in draft quality whenever possible and avoid turning equipment on and off unnecessarily.
  7. Reuse and recycle: Reuse paper as an eraser, keep your disposable plastic cup – do not throw it away after a single use - use rechargeable batteries or a low energy bulb. There are lots of approaches to reduce the amount of waste we generate every day, try to incorporate more responsible consumption habits.
  8. Coming and going from work: Maybe it is possible to share a car or walk or bike to the office. Ask your colleagues and organize with them new, healthier and greener ways to start and finish each day.
  9. Take the initiative, and it spreads: Commitment to the environment also includes the responsibility to infect our colleagues. If no one has yet to do it, start writing a guide with useful tips for conservation and energy saving. Suggest printing it on recycled sheets and placing them in visible places so that everyone can join and collaborate with your initiative!

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