Commercial & Industrial Prescriptive Rebates

Energizing Indiana’s Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Prescriptive Rebate Program is specifically designed to help facility managers and building owners achieve long-term, cost-effective energy savings.

A prescriptive rebate structure provides your business or organization with rebates based on the installation of energy efficiency equipment and system improvements. Upgrades can include Lighting, Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), HVAC, and efficient ENERGY STAR® commercial kitchen appliances. To view available rebates, click on the energy efficiency improvement button that applies to your business, building or facility.

Objectives of the C&I Prescriptive Rebate Program are to:

  • Help C&I facilities lower electric energy consumption
  • Help C&I customers decrease their overall energy costs
  • Encourage vendors and contractors to actively promote and install energy-efficient technologies for their C&I customers

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